Our Mantra (etc.)

Best Possible Ingredients

Mackie's source only the best possible ingredients, and whenever possible, from local sources. We always aim to give the best possible eating options at a fair price.

Consistent Quality

Having the same meal come out the same way every time you dine with us is important. We want you to come back for the same quality you experienced the first time you joined us. The reason you come back.

Professional Service

Our staff have many years of experience in the restaurant industry. As you know, there is a fine line between overbearing and unattentive, our staff should always be friendly and professional - with a touch of personality. Don't be afraid to ask them -- anything!

Friendly Atmosphere

Mackie's has been referred to as the "Cheers" of Old Town by more than a few people. We have a fairly small bar, so people get to know each other. We also have an extremely diverse clientele, so no matter what your into, you'll find a friend. And if you come back, it'll be nice to go "where everybody knows your name".

Seasonal Specials

Our menu won't change much, but that doesn't mean you'll get bored with our offerings. We strive to offer our unique twist on relevant offerings, from ceviché in the summer, to brautwurst in the winter and everything in between.


We continue to experiment with entertainment experiences which we hope you (regulars and future customers) enjoy. Feedback is welcome and expected as we strive for the perfect balance of fun/relaxed/enjoyable dining and bar experience.


To our customers, we are nothing without you, sincerely - thanks for your patronage. We hope to keep providing the quality food and beverages you've trusted us to provide for you in the years to come.